is a website supporting one of the top international EDM/Dance Music TV Shows in the world called DMTV. DMTV currently airs on multiple platforms including

– Tuff TV (40,000,000 households)- broadcast TV in 41 US Cities on Friday Night/Saturday Morning at 12:30am EST. Check for to see if you get Tuff TV

– iFame TV (15,000,000 households) – our Roku Channel (located in the Music Section of the Channel Store). Watch full episodes on demands as well as the best EDM music videos and separate interviews

– CaribVision TV (100,000,000 households across Caribbean Islands, Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver), NY/NJ/CT on Cablevision/Optimum Cable, and more

– Ben TV on Sky Satellite (100,000,000 households throughout Europe and North Africa

– SPB TV (40,000,000 million subscribers)– our Russian network streaming us 24/7 on their free cellphone app which is also available in the USA, Asia, and South America. You can also watch online at

– FilmOn (40,000,000 million subscribers) – our European partner streaming 24/7 on their free cellphone app also available in the USA plus on Roku (IPTV). You can also watch online at

– And many more channels

You can also watch us on and More outlets being added consistently

DMTV/Dance Music Mag is created by Rob Schwartz, the owner of the TV network iFame TV, the TV shows WHO?MAG TV and Video Vision, and the sites,,,,, and

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