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Lucas Prata
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Dance legend Lucas Prata is back with a brand new fire!  After making classic hits including his top charting single "She Said Yeah", he recently has been making noise with the new "Nowhere to Run" with Grammy Nominated Mike Rizzo and multi-platinum/world renown Mr. Mig.  Check out this new interview with Lucas Prata!

DMM: You are featured in the song "When The Lights Are Down" by Kamouflage. This song is the most recent champion on NY FM radio station 92.3 NOW in DJ LIL CEE's Battle of The Beats segment. So far you have won 5 battles against some of dance music's top artists such as Kim Sozzi, Kat De Luna, Swedish House Mafia, Medina and Cobra Starship. Out of those artists, is there anyone you may have been surprised at beating?

LUCAS PRATA: Yes all of them. Lol! I respect and am a fan of all the artists listed so beating them was pretty amazing.

DMM: Who are some of your favorite dance artists?

LUCAS PRATA: There's a lot, but I would narrow it down David Guetta, Wynter Gordon, to Lady Gaga.  There's so much good music out there, it's hard to name just a few.

DMM: You have worked with artists and DJs such as Kim Sozzi, George Lamond, Reina, DJ Louie DeVito and so many more. Who were you most excited about working with and why?

LUCAS PRATA: I would have to say George Lamond since I started my career with him as his backup dancer.  Being able to collaborate with him and have him on my record singing a duet was like a dream come true.

DMM: Tell me about the new song "Nowhere to Run" with Mig & Rizzo.

LUCAS PRATA: This was a long awaited collaboration. I've known both Mike and Mr. Mig for a long time.  We waited for the right song to come along and knocked it out of the park.

DMM: How was the recording process for this song?

LUCAS PRATA: It was a lot of fun.  Mig and I are as close as two brothers would be, so recording with him is always hours of singing and messing around until we're exhausted from laughing so hard all day.

DMM: Which artists are on your playlist of your iPOD?

LUCAS PRATA: I have a lot of different styles on there from Lenny Kravitz to Michael Jackson to the latest Dance hits from across the world.

DMM: Which artist in the music industry do you dream of working with?

LUCAS PRATA: I'd love to work with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and New Kids On The Block. :) (just a long time dream of mine)

DMM: With all the genres of music out there, what is it about dance music that you love so much?

LUCAS PRATA: It's always been a part of my life since I was a young boy and my mom would play Donna Summers, Earth Wind and Fire, and The Jackson 5.  I was raised with beats essay writing in my house since I can remember. I also love that I now make music that moves people and makes them feel good.  That's what I've always set out to do with my music.

DMM: Have you ever been asked by a label to change your style of music?

LUCAS PRATA: Not really. I actually tried porn cartoon to go really pop once and I wasn't on the right label to do that.

DMM: What do you think has allowed you to be able to stay true to your style in nude celebrities this very competitive industry?

LUCAS PRATA: I've just created what comes natural to me.  I'm all about melody and hooks and that's what people want to hear, so I try and write songs that I would want to drive in my car too with the windows down.

DMM: What do you think has helped you to remain a successful dance artist?

LUCAS PRATA: Just being confident in myself as an artist and not letting others push me into doing music I didn't believe in.  I also have to say taking all the tools that George LaMond taught me has really helped me be a leader in this industry not a follower.

DMM: You have performed all over the world. What is iphone porn your favorite venue?

LUCAS PRATA: I have to say the tri-state area has the most passion for Dance celebrity nude Music as a whole.  There's nowhere in the US that reacts to Dance music the way NY, NJ, and CT do!

DMM: What was your most memorable venue?

LUCAS PRATA: I'd have to say Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY because I grew up out there and always dreamed of being on that stage with a full house and that dream has come true more that a few times in my career. That's the best feeling in the world!

DMM: What hentai videos do you do to get ready for a performance?

LUCAS PRATA: I pray and thank God for all my blessings and talk to my Grandmother cause I know essay writing service she's always watching and keeping a close eye on me like she said she would.  Then I do a shot and get out there and do what I do best. :)

DMM: If you could pick cartoon porn one artist that is dead to record one dance song with, who would it be and why?


DMM: Do you have any new projects in the works?

LUCAS PRATA: I'm currently working on new material for myself as a solo artist as well as Kamouflage, which is a production team I'm a part of.  porno gay Also writing a lot for artists from all over the world.  Stay tuned for the best music I've done yet. "NEVER STOP DREAMING"